Solutions trusted by top industry player

We build solution to tackle everyday business challenges with pre-made or custom solutions. We serve cross-industry clients, i.e.: Financial Services, Retail, Manufacturing, Mining, Resources, Energy, etc.

Banking, Financial Services, and FinTech

For its convenience, digital transaction skyrocket with YoY growth of 173 percent year-on-year, as mentioned by Bank Indonesia in Indonesia’s Economic Outlook 2020. As maintaining digital transaction requires a faster management tool, BIT presents core-fintech management suite: Cakram which promotes client data deduplication, as well as our tech academy to keep your hiring pipeline filled, in midst of mountaineering demand of new tech people.

Heavy Industries

Manufacturing, Contractors, Mining, Resources, O&G, and Energy

BIT understands that some of the biggest issue faced by industries are: non-value-add repetitive work, data silo, and painful management caused by inconsequential IT implementation. Almost 90% of clients we encountered reported use of extra management tools such as spreadsheets and paper forms to cope with this issue.

To cope with dynamic business requirements, BIT offers solutions that may help on B2B Marketing management, HSE system, and Supply Chain Execution management suites.

Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, Exhibitions (MICE) and Sporting Events

Before Asian Para Games 2018, never before people realize that logistical issues are solvable through technology. However, with the huge-and-ever-growing diversity that participants require, manual labor faced its fatigue point. Sentinel implemented participants & volunteer mobilization system leveraging RFID and QR technology (or in sporting events term called Accreditation). Battle tested to manage 18.000+ volunteer and field workers learning process, management of over 60.000+ participants, officials, and general attendees data.

Retail and Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG)

No doubt, Retail and FMCG is going digital. And they are going head-to-head with e-commerce, each with their own competitive (dis)advantages. To cope with dynamic business requirements, BIT offers solutions that may help on Inbound Marketing & engagement suite and Supply Chain Execution management suites. We aim to even the game and make sure retail business can still get most of the values of technology and data infrastructure like E-commerce does.

n-Party Logistics

Logistic industry worths roughly 25% of worlds economy. Indeed the cost of moving things around are one-third of the cost of the thing itself. Much of its costs came from: non-value-add repetitive work, effort to stitch data silo, and painful management caused by inconsequential IT implementation. We found more than 80% of clients has to fallback as spreadsheets and paper forms to cope with dynamic business requirements. DLVR is an end-to-end downstream Supply Chain suite, ranging from Client Data Repository, Contract Planner, Shipping Management to Barge Monitoring. We believe that technological advancement should not only accessible to the powerhouses.